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Our Firm has the legal expertise to advise and assist our potentiallocal and international clients on all matters relating to theincorporation and management of companies in Cyprus and abroad. We havea vast experience on corporate matters and numerous corporate clientsengaged in different areas of business from general trade to landdevelopment, holding companies, etc.

We provide a wide scope of services accommodating the particularneeds of our clients, ranging from corporate issues to domestic andinternational corporate tax planning. In addition we provide statutorysecretary services and registered office facilities as well as weprovide directors and nominee shareholders under trust arrangements.Our services also extend in dealing with our clients’ banking needs.Last but not least our Firm has been successfully involved in all areasrelating to corporate litigation, thus facilitating the whole corporatespectrum of our clients’ requirements. The firm has an excellentcorporate department tracking its origins from the firm’s beginnings.It offers a team of specialist lawyers who deal with complex corporatematters as well as offering advice to many multinationals operatingfrom or through Cyprus.

The firm has been a pioneer in the development of Cyprus as aninternational financial centre. It possesses an efficient system offorming and efficiently managing, as a fiduciary agent, a large numberof international business companies in Cyprus (formerly known asoffshore Companies). Our dedicated team is ready to address all thedemands of a person wishing to acquire any such company and to provideclients with fiduciary services. The department has also expanded toprovide for formation of companies in other jurisdictions, such as theMarshall Islands, Panama, The British Virgin Islands etc.

There is always a Russian speaking specialist team around withgreat experience which is dedicated in assisting clients from Russiaand C.I.S. countries in order to meet their needs in Cyprus. We arealso ready to help clients in structuring their financial affairs. Wehave been, throughout the years, involved in a multitude oftransactions involving various types of collateral, including equities,bonds and asset based securities and also give advice on loanrestructuring.

*The Corporate Tax rate is currently at 10%, which is the lowest rate found among all the member states of the European Union.

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